TAMPA, Fla. (WDAF) — The Kansas City Chiefs are positioned to join an elite group of franchises with consecutive Super Bowl victories if they can complete their “Run It Back” tour at Super Bowl LV.

The feat has only been accomplished eight times in league history by seven different franchises.

In the first 30 years of the Super Bowl era (1966-96), repeats happened six times:

  • Green Bay Packers – Super Bowl I (1967), Super Bowl II (1968)
  • Miami Dolphins – Super Bowl VII (1973), Super Bowl VIII (1974)
  • Pittsburgh Steelers – Super Bowl IX (1975), Super Bowl X (1976) and Super Bowl XIII (1979), Super Bowl XIV (1980)
  • San Francisco 49ers – Super Bowl XXIII (1988), Super Bowl XXIV (1989)
  • Dallas Cowboys – Super Bowl XXVII (1993), Super Bowl XXVIII (1994)

Since then (1997-present), only twice:

  • Denver Broncos – Super Bowl XXXII (1998), Super Bowl XXXIII (1999)
  • New England Patriots – Super Bowl XXXVIII (2004), Super Bowl XXXIX (2005)

The Patriots are also the only team to repeat as champions since the league expanded to 32 teams in 2002.

Alongside those franchises who repeated as Super Bowl champions, only twice has there been a repeat Super Bowl MVP.

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes (LIV) is positioned to add his name to the list including Green Bay Packers quarterback Bart Starr (I, II) and Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Terry Bradshaw (XIII, XIV).

On the flip side, if the Chiefs fall to the Buccaneers, they will join four other teams who returned to the championship game after winning the year before, but failed to complete the repeat.

  • Washington Football Team – Won: Super Bowl XVII (1983), Lost: Super Bowl XVIII (1984)
  • Green Bay Packers – Won: Super Bowl XXXI (1997), Lost: Super Bowl XXXII (1998)
  • Seattle Seahawks – Won: Super Bowl XLVIII (2014), Lost: Super Bowl XLIX (2015)
  • New England Patriots – Won: Super Bowl LI (2017), Lost: Super Bowl LII (2018)

The Chiefs will face Tom Brady in Super Bowl LV, the last quarterback to both successfully repeat and fail to repeat as a Super Bowl champion with the New England Patriots.

Brady knows a thing or two about stopping repeat campaigns as well. He led the Patriots as they defeated the Seahawks in 2015.