NATIONAL (WEHT) – It is possible a breast cancer vaccine is in the works.

Researchers say the key protein for the potential vaccine was found through sheer luck and tenacity. The vaccine works by jumpstarting the immune system and attacking tumors. Oncologists say a vaccine could create a shift from cancer treatment to cancer prevention.

“In the last 10 or 15 years, especially last five years, immune therapy has been very important for treating many kinds of cancer. But that’s where one puts in active antibodies or antibodies and chemo together to just have an antibody that is in the body that attacks cancer and prevents it from growing would certainly be the Holy Grail.” Said Dr. Mike Veeder.

Doctor Veeder says an approved vaccine is likely years away, but its good news to hear. If successful, researchers say the vaccine would be given to young, healthy women at higher risk for breast cancer.