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A local business man has been active in bringing some concrete plans to Terre Haute.

Now, he says an investment group he’s involved with plans to move one of two casino licenses from Gary, Indiana pending approval from the state.

We saw a casino bill to Terre Haute fail at the statehouse a couple years back, but maybe chances would be stronger this time around.

Greg Gibson is an investor in Spectacle Entertainment, the group that plans to move these two licenses.

Gibson didn’t confirm “plans” today for one of those locations to be Terre Haute, but when it comes to his focus on generating business and revenue, he says he’s not doing these kinds of things elsewhere.

“I would love to see that come to Terre Haute,” Gibson said.

The talk is definitely there, a second go around with bringing a casino to Terre Haute.

Business man Greg Gibson says at this point there are no exact plans for that to happen, but Spectacle Entertainment’s plan to move two Gary, Indiana casino licenses is a concise one.

Two years ago when Senator Jon Ford proposed a casino bill for Terre Haute, it was a close vote at the statehouse, but didn’t pass.

Gibson says since that time Vigo County has built their presence in Indianapolis.

“We finally got Terre Haute and Vigo County all rowing the boat in the same direction. I think we finally got a good plan to go over there and attack some issues. A good example is the food and beverage issue … I think the legislature was very impressed by the way Vigo County handled that proposal.”

Gibson recently announced that he’ll be donating property to see a convention center built in downtown and says with casino along with it.

“I think the two would compliment each other very well. I think it would be great. They would help each other in the community and really generate some good business for Terre Haute and Vigo County.”

While bringing a casino to town is a divisive discussion, owner of J. Gumbos restaurant Natasha Norton says more foot traffic is what Terre Haute needs.

“I would really just love to start seeing it thriving again. Every time you turn around you see “closing for business.”… And that’s really hard to see. Especially as a business owner myself because even though we’re doing really well, you always have that fear in the back of your mind of what if things start slowing down and then it’s going to be us next. So I would really love for the community to come back alive,” Norton said.

Gibson says the plan is to move these two side by side riverboat licenses. One would become land based still in Gary to help generate revenue for their community.

But the pulling factor would be to move the other and help spread wealth across the state, whether that be in Terre Haute or not.

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