Milam sisters speak out after learning who killed their sister


TERRE HAUTE, Ind. – The remaining Milam sisters traveled to Terre Haute today for THPD Chief Shawn Keen’s press conference revealing their sisters’ killer.

Pamela Milam was killed in 1972 when she was a 19 year old college student at Indiana State University.

They say knowing who the killer was doesn’t make her absence any easier, but now when they think back on memories of Pam, her departure won’t be shrouded in mystery.

“I think that somehow the life we live, the decisions we make, the behaviors we carry out have a lot of influence in what happens next, especially because of her kindness, so she’s okay,” Sam Milam, Pam’s sister said.

Pam Milam’s younger sister Sam has had almost 47 years to come to terms with her sister’s death. She says wherever Pam is now she’s ok. However the reveal of her sister’s killer takes a weight off her shoulders.

“Anytime someone goes from that to having a weight lifed we’re much more agile in life, we’re much more able to enjoy the happiness and joy that pam believed in.”

Pam’s older sister Charlene says she’ll carry the pain of her sister’s unjust murder to her grave.

“I’m not sure there’s ever a day I don’t think about her, I don’t look at my kids or my grandaughter and wish they knew who aunt pam was … And they would have loved her and she would have loved them,” Charlene said.

Charlene says she doesn’t like the word closure. Knowing who pam’s killer was is a relief instead.  However there is a sense of closure learning that Jeffrey Hand was killed six years after Pam’s murder.

“Being shot by police is some what the appropriate end for him,” she said.

An ending that the Milams probably wouldn’t know about until now.

“We wondered, how come they’re not finding this guy and now we know they would have never found him without the new technology. So I think the world of Shawn Keen and I just met him today … What he’s done for our family and for Terre Haute to finally get this off the book is remarkable.”

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