Meet Me at the Crossroads


An unlikely union for two travelers. Although, on similar paths, their destinations are more than one thousand two hundred miles apart.

“Flix” King and Sam Zhang, both from different areas of New York, left for their cross country journeys last month, just days apart, as complete strangers.

As fate would have it, the two met just yesterday at the Crossroads of America.

“I  saw his backpack, I saw his big, green backpack at Terre Haute in the Wendy’s and I thought, he’s definitely here to charge his phone,” Sam Zhang said.

“There was something pulling me and I was like I need to stay here and meet someone… I ended up going to the Wendy’s because Wendy’s has 50 cent frosties and their awesome… I was over in like the corner watching cartoons and stuff on my lap top and he comes over and he’s like, ‘hey are you backpacking across America,’ and I’m like yeah and he’s like ‘I am too’ and my mind was blown,””Flix” King said.

“I believe in miracles, I think God create miracles all the time,” Sam said.

“It’s only been a day so it’s been a short friendship so far, but I think it will last a long time just because we share such a special experience together. It also makes the journey, the walking part so much better, like to hear another human voice… That’s amazing.”

“When you come to that point where you’re just like I want to go home and you keep going, that’s when something amazing happens,” “Flix” said.

“There are just certain things you see that you can’t describe to someone who wasn’t there in that moment, like for example right after we passed into Illinois, we saw a soybean field that was in the shape of a heart and it was so incredible. Some people never experience that,” Sam said.

We met up with Sam and “Flix” in Marshall Illinois today. The two actually stayed in Deputy Sheriff Derrick Sanders barn last night. They eat at local churches when they can. The two are headed to Saint Louis where Sam will stay and “Flix” will continue to El Paso, Texas.


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