Mayor Responds to City Council


The Terre Haute city budget is still in the hole after several remedies have been discussed and put into place to correct the deficit.

This leaves some city council members concerned that changes have to be made. Four council members came forward today to lay out their goal from earlier this year to see the city budget at a $5 million surplus by this time, but instead it’s still over $1 million in the hole.

These council members say they would like to see two million dollars cut from the budget in order to see a one million dollar surplus. They say it’s hard to pass a budget that spends more revenue than it takes in. The general fund budget is balanced thanks to the solid waste fee, but there are still 13 other funds that are seeing deficit totaling to over two million dollars.

“One of the things that we hear constantly from the mayor is the need for new revenue, the citizens have already contributed with the solid waste fee, now it’s up to him to make some tough decisions with the expense side,” City Councilman Karrum Nasser said.

When asked what the council would like to see done to cut the budget, they said its the responsibility of the mayor to make that decision. Mayor Bennett held a press conference a few hours ago with a response.    

“This year’s budget 2016 is going to be balanced for the general fund, that’s our big problem area, and next year we’re going to have a million dollar surplus, so what’s wrong with that picture? It would appear they want to do even more, well if you want to do more, you’re going to have to offer cuts because I’m not cutting police and fire more than I’ve already cut them,” he said.

Mayor Bennett says budget cuts are not soley his responsibility, and the council has the opportunity to come forward with suggestions about the budget.     


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