Maryland Teen Behind Bars for Terre Haute North Bomb Hoax


A Maryland teen will spend two years behind bars in Indiana.

It’s for his connection and execution of a bomb threat that spread fear in our community.

Prosecutor Terry Modesitt says crucial team work and investigative diligence are to thank for getting this teenage delinquent off the internet. 

Local agencies hope this development will put some of those emotions to rest.

For those who had family inside Terre Haute North on April 7, 2017, the fear and terror will never be forgotten 

“This is scary,” says Lisa Barnett, concerned parent. “I don”t know what’s going on and my niece is in there and they won’t tell us nothing and this- this is bad. You can’t [even] send your kid to school. I mean this is some place they’re supposed to be safe.” 

The Maryland juvenile recruited a local teen over the internet through gaming sites.

The Terre Haute North student only participated in the single call. 

The Maryland teen called THPD hours after the initial threat. 

“I spoke to him for approximately 58 minutes,” says FBI Detective Chesshir.  

“That was typically his “MO,” says Jake Overton with the FBI. “Once he’d make a threat, several hours later he’d call the jurisdiction and in a sense, brag about the call.”

“I just tried to get as much information as possible and try to relay that information to as many people as possible,” says Detective Chesshir.  

Parents stood outside the school, some in silence or embracing others, hoping and praying for everything to be okay. 

“The result of this prosecution by Vigo County was important and has been universally applauded by every jurisdiction in this matter,” says Overton. 
Targeting Vigo County was the end of the run for the Maryland teen. 

“The suspect that agreed to this plea agreement- he was a suspect in 13 other calls like this across our country in Colorado, Vermont, Maryland, Missouri and up to that point he hadn’t been caught,” says Chief John Plasse, THPD. 

Vigo County agencies were able to crack this juvenile’s “MO” and bring him in for justice.

“Terre Haute/Vigo County was able to find out who was responsible for this and prevent surely, other instances from occurring because he wasn’t going to stop,” says Chief Plasse. 
After the Maryland teen completes his two years in the Indiana Juvenile Department of Corrections, he will have supervision until 21. 
The 12 other communities say they are pleased with Vigo Counties efforts and accept the current written agreement as well. 

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