Marshall Upgrading Utilities


Mayor Camie Sanders says “It is a challenge but it’s a good challenge, our guys are out there now, doing things that need to be done.”

Right now one of the biggest projects taking place is the installation of new power lines by Ameren. The new lines follow along u-s forty starting just west of Marshall. The installation will actually go through Marshall supplying a new constant stream of power, and that helps not only residents but businesses as well.

Mayor Camie Sanders says “This one will definitely take care of us and really help especially like TRW, because if they get an interruption of like a few seconds they reset everything and that’s costing them money so we want to make that a less likely problem for them.”

They’re not only stringing lines through the sky, but also under ground. For the last year or so they’ve been working on the process of supplying water to the town of Casey, which they already do for Martinsville.

Mayor Cami Sanders says “It’ll be good clean water for them, at a very reasonable price, and it’s good for us because that helps us in the long term, if we need to replace a well, we’ve got enough income coming in from all three cities we can keep those wells taken care of.”

For Mayor Sanders, the best part about all of this is they are able to do it, despite the issues happening at the state level.

Mayor Camie Sanders says “It does feel good to be able to with your own utilities to be able to continue your progress, because if you didn’t have your own utilities and you’re relying on the state, you’re just floating, staying above water the best you can.”

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