Many Kept Hope for a Safe Return


We have some great news about a very happy homecoming.

Remarkably, after nearly five months on the run, a little dog, who ran away from a vet visit is finally home.

Many of us know Annie, the 3 year old Sheltie, who’s snout was plastered on over 5 thousand dollars worth of posters all over Terre Haute.

She was found in a Terre Haute neighborhood just days ago, spotted on security camera. Luckily her family was notified, so they could get her home.

“We get to take all those signs down,” Jay Dorman, a family friend of Annie’s said.

He spent his morning cutting down some of those missing dog signs on the south side of town. That’s because Annie was spotted just a few days ago.

“When I walked into starbucks and all the guys were sitting around, I said, we can take that sign down, she was found last night and even those guys were in disbelief, they were like, ‘no way.'”

Security camera footage caught her outside a Terre Haute home in the garbage. Her owner, Jaime Martin, says the family was notified and allowed to set up a live coyote trap. They filled it with hot dogs which is what lured Annie in and she was returned home to Martinsville, Illinois at two Wednesday morning.

Jay says annie’s been spotted several times throughout town. Being a Sheltie owner himself, he knows how skiddish and fast the dogs can be.

“She’s definitely a survivor for what she’s been through, she looks like she’s in good health.”

And definitely in better spirits.

Angela Murphy, administrator of the Facebook page, Missing Pets Terre Haute says they kept the page updated with spottings of Annie, but even she was surprised to hear the news.

“I couldn’t believe it, that’s a long time for a dog to be lost and then to be found,” she said.

But the fact that annie’s face was familiar in many of our minds’ helped … And was boosted by the facebook page’s outreach.

“It’s basically an Amber Alert for pets, today everything is hooked to your phone, to your laptop, it’s very easily accessible.”

Even angela says, Annie’s owners were an unusual case in their effort for her return, luckily, that’s a case that inspires some hope.

“Never give up, we do have quite a bit of dogs that have been missing for months and even years,” she said.

Annie’s family even hired a detective for her return and had T.V. commercials. We will meet with the family Thursday.

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