Managing After the Main Break


You don’t realize how important a clean water source is until you’re without it.

Some Clay County businesses are paying for that realization today after a water main break put several Clay County communities under a boil order.

According to officials, the precaution affects the city Brazil and the surrounding communities of Carbon, Center Point, Knightsville and Harmony.

On the outskirts of Brazil at the Clay County Humane Society, staff carry in extra jugs of water to combat yet another boil order in the city.

“This is actually the third time in six months that we’ve been under a boil water order,” Manager of the facility, Michelle Cavanna said.

Animals are watered a maximum of three times a day. Friday morning staff brought in an extra 18 jugs of water just to make it through the afternoon. That’s on top of the 50 jugs they had to start the day.

“Yesterday we had a lot of animals come in that were scared off during the fireworks and thunderstorms, so we do have a heavy capacity,” Cavanna said.

While the society’s vet tech says the animals will be okay to drink the water, staff won’t take the chance of dealing with potential illness.

Tucked away in a more public part of downtown are extra jugs of water at the Brazil Coffee Grounds.

“Normally this is all work space, but instead it’s … And there’s no where else to put all this,” barista Andrea Puff said.

Time is a factor for daily operations at the coffee shop.

“Normally, we grind the coffee grab this, stick it in and hit a button rather than having to get the jug, measure everything out, pour it in.”

The usual constant source of water for java and tea had to be shut off and replaced with manual labor.

While serve time was a bit delayed, a heavier crowd did show up Friday afternoon. Barista Andrea Puff says that’s likely because they had to close Thursday when the boil order was first issued.

Twenty jugs of water were bought in Friday morning.

“Normally we don’t have to get anything like that. Everything is water based, the coffee the tea, everything, the ice.”

Officials say the boil order is issued until further notice. Early next week it’s anticipated that they’ll know if it’s still in effect.

The humane society is asking for water donations. You can even drop them off at the front door if staff isn’t there.

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