A California man is being held in the Vigo County Jail after Indiana State Police recovered an estimated street value of 5 million dollars worth of methamphetamine and cocaine from his commercial motor vehicle.

WTWO was first on the scene and watched the entire search go down; Indiana State troopers noticed a commercial motor vehicle that looked suspicious and upon searching the trailer they recovered nearly 300 pounds of narcotics.

The driver of the truck, Ravninder Kaler, 22, was arrested on charges of possession of narcotics (level II felony) and dealing narcotics (level II felony). 

The vehicle was believed to be traveling from California to Ohio carrying 220 pounds of cocaine and 65 pounds of meth.

Troopers searched the vehicle at the weigh station off exit 1 on I-70 along the Indiana- Illinois border.

Inside the truck our news team witnessed as troopers unloaded duffel bags and a TV box stuffed with bags of cocaine and meth. Some of the bags were so heavy it took multiple troopers to carry them off the truck.

“No this is not one of the typical drug busts where we are getting a little bit of marijuana or something like this. This is one of the largest drug busts that we are going to have here in the state of Indiana as far as the Department of the Indiana State Police,” says Indiana State Police Master Trooper Matt Ames.

The refer on the truck was turned off, his electronic logging device was unplugged for a number of hours, and the original seal on the truck was broken and replaced.

All of these wouldn’t necessarily be big deals on their own but all together pointed to suspicious activity.