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It’s winter in Indiana and Illinois, which means extreme cold can be risky for children to be outside. 

That also causes school officials to make a critical call: start on time, begin on a 2-hour delay, or cancel classes.

Vigo County schools have already decided on a two hour delay for Wednesday morning.

Watch the bottom of your screen for the complete list.

It’s a fine line that Superintendent Danny Tanoos and his team have to walk when protecting students. 

We decided to look into what really causes 2-hour delays and it’s not just the temperatures that do it. 

Exhaust rolls in plumes from the tail pipes of cars lined up outside sugar grove elementary school. 

Also there, Superintendent Danny Tanoos to make sure everything runs smoothly. 

“The roads are fairly clear, so there’s really no problem with driving,” says Dr. Danny Tanoos, VCSC superintendent. “We knew it was going to be cold, but when do you decide what’s too cold?” 

Around 8 Tuesday morning, temperatures were below zero and with the wind chill in some Illinois counties, it felt like -35 degrees. 

“We have two-way communication where we just discuss the best benefits for our students and what’s safest for our students and staff.” 

One of the main contributors to calling a 2-hour delay are these guys, the big yellow taxi. 

“Yesterday we did send out mechanics,” says the superintendent. “We had about 7 or 8 buses that had some trouble.”

Mechanics got most of those fixed, but with temperamental buses, a few more challenges happened Tuesday morning. 

“With 155 buses on the road this morning, we had 5 that were not able to get to the their routes, so we found an alternate way to pick up those kids.”

You could say it’s not just one thing that dictates a delayed start, but when individual problems combine, Tanoos says the safety of kids and staff comes first.

A 2-hour delay does qualify as a full day of schooling. 

So students will remain on their projected end date. 

So far, Vigo County and about a dozen other schools have already declared a 2-hour delay for tomorrow, January 3rd, check those out here

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