Low Demand, High Supply of Salt

We’ve seen very little snow this year. 
And that means we have surplus of salt supplies, which actually saves money for the city and county. 
Most of the Wabash Valley dogged the forecasted ice storm a few weekends ago.
And with the potential for snow this weekend and Super Bowl Sunday, the county highway department is ready. 
Annually, the highway department houses around 24,000 tons of salt for the roads. 
So far this year, there is still 20,000 tons left. 
And the highway department hasn’t yet fulfilled their 2017 contracts for more salt. 
“Well, we’ve still got a pretty good supply of salt,” says Dan Bennett, superintendent of Vigo County Highway Department. “These little two inch snows, sometime they’ll use about as much snow you know, or salt, as a regular major storm. So we’ve used a little bit but we’ve still got quite a bit of salt left.”
The Vigo County Highway Department does pre-treat the road with brine, which is a mixture of salt and water. 
The water evaporates and leaves the salt on the roads leaving what look like streaks on the pavement. 

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