Local women celebrate International Women’s Day with Terre Haute’s first women’s conference


Saint Mary of the Woods College, the Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce and many others hosted the city’s first women’s conference on this International Women’s Day.

Speakers and breakout sessions were aimed at helping women network and propel in their careers as well as other aspects of their lives.

“If you want to do something in a competitive field or in a field that’s male domintated,” said speaker and sports anchor/reporter Larra Overton. “Or a career in which people look different than what you do is you can’t rely on someone to see the value that you bring. You have to convince them of it.”

Overton spends her days surrounded by men.

Now, she uses her experience to inspire other women to break out into other mail dominated fields.

“Whatever it takes to get the job done, we’re willing to do it. Whether it means, you know, kicking off the heels and hiking a camera around or chasing into a locker room to get the interview that we need,” she said. “We are instead of being hesitant or resistant to those challenges we’re embracing them.”

Josie Rakes grew up in Terre Haute, now she’s building her career with the support of other local women.

“I was given the opportunity to come here today working as an intern at Thompson Thrift,” said Rakes. “And I think them giving me this opportunity to be here is very empowering .”

Rakes told WTWO her biggest take-away from the speakers and sessions, was that imperfections are not only allowed for women, but encouraged.

“You are enough and it’s okay to make mistakes and to fail,” she said. “And I think every woman here today reminded us of that.”

The Terre Haute Women’s Conference will be an annual event as women all over the county and city come together to help each other succeed.

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