TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — If passed, a $260 million referendum would add new academic spaces to three Vigo County High Schools, North, South and West Vigo. But, it’d also affect VCSC’s middle schools.

More information on that referendum can be found on the link below. It received unanimous approval from the school board in January.

If that recommendation passes, Woodrow Wilson could undergo a renovation project to alleviate student overcrowding.

VCSC currently serves around 14,000 students. Of those 14,000, 782 are enrolled at Woodrow Wilson.

The school could see improvements to the media center, main entryway and gym.

The Corporation’s Spokesperson, Dr. Katelynn Liebermann, said upgrades will help give students more resources.

“This is a continual conversation for the district, for every school. We know that the maintenance and upkeep to ensure our students have that high-quality educational experience is of the utmost importance,” She said.

The project would resemble a $10 million project at Otter Creek Middle School, that included its cafeteria being redone, an auxiliary gym and more academic space for students.

Designs for Woodrow are not confirmed as this project is awaiting the results of the May ballot.

But, Liebermann added that the plan will focus on common area spaces in schools where a large number of students gather.

“We know there’s going to be that continual need for maintenance and to upgrade facilities to ensure, as I mentioned, that high-quality education for our students,” She said.