TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) – The Vigo County School Corporation Consolidation Committee proposed a plan to the school board to consolidate and repurpose Meadows Elementary School.

If the school is ultimately consolidated at the end of this school year, it would be repurposed into the VCSC Learning Lab.

Meadows is currently the smallest school in VCSC with roughly 200 students and it’s also one of the oldest. VCSC Director of Communications Bill Riley cited that the school also has some structural flaws.

“In terms of rightsizing our district, we simply have more elementary schools than students to fill those schools,” Riley said.

Riley stressed the fact that consolidating the school would not increase class sizes. In previous consolidation projects, class sizes did not increase. He said that surrounding schools have the capacity to comfortably admit more students.

“It’s important for people to know that we’re not cramming students into buildings,” Riley explained. “We have buildings with great capacity and that’s why we feel like we can rightsize.”

As for current Meadows Elementary students, Riley said that they will be redistricted to schools that surround Meadows. However, he cited that parents would have the option to apply for a permit for their child to attend a different school in VCSC if their redistricted school doesn’t work out for them.

Teachers and staff will also have the opportunity to stay within VCSC.

“Everybody from secretary to custodians to teachers,” Riley said. “There will be a home for them in our school corporation if they wish to continue.”