WASHINGTON, Ind. — A church in southwestern Indiana helped pay off $4 million in medical debt for families in its community.

Bethany Christian Church paid off medical debt of families across six counties.

Matt Merold, pastor at Bethany, explained that each of the 3,227 families whose debt was paid off received a note that said, “As an act of kindness in the name of Jesus Christ your debt has been forgiven.”

“This was a great opportunity to be generous and make a difference in the lives of families in our community,” Merold said.

The church paid the debt through a non-profit called RIP Medical, which has cleared medical debts for more than 200,000 Americans in recent years. The non-profit acquires crippling medical debt from collectors for pennies on the dollar.

Bethany Christian Church ended up spending $15,000 to forgive $4 million in medical debt for families.

Bethany Christian Church has campuses in both Washington & Vincennes Indiana.