VINCENNES, IN. (WTWO/WAWV) — Monday evening, 18 Vincennes France exchange students were announced as Honorary Citizens.

Lincoln High School hosts a foreign exchange program every year with student from France or Germany. This year they hosted 18 students from France for 10 days.

While the students are visiting, they get to explore Vincennes’ culture by visiting historical sites and observing classes at the high school. Students within the program said it’s been a life changing experience.

“I think it’s a real dream for every French people. It’s a country that I’ve never discovered and traveled to. So, I was really excited to have traveled here and discover America,” Mathis Pelissiee said.

“I’m grateful like for my host family that has been really great to me and all the people I’ve met so far,” Lena Flach said.

Member of the City Board of Works Mark Hill said his son has attended a foreign exchange visit and enjoyed it.

“Changes your view of the world. It changes how you look at other cultures and it makes lifelong friends that these students will be able to appreciate over the years,” Hill said.

The students will head back to France on Wednesday.