TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WAWV/WTWO) – Vigo Invasives Management has collaborated with local parks in efforts to manage invasive species.

June 18th the organization gathered at Deming Park for their Weed Wrangler Event.

The community got an opportunity to learn about how to control invasive shrubs and woody vines, as well as help remove hundreds of roots from four different invasive species.

Regional Specialist Amber Slaughterbeck said this is the organizations second time removing invasive species at Deming Park this year.

She said it’s important to continue collaborative efforts to help improve the natural area.

“It starts with us,” Slaughterbeck said. “The first step is learning what invasive plants are and maybe the invasive plants you might have on your landscaping that you could get rid of.”

For information on future efforts you can visit Vigo Invasives Management’s Facebook.