TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV)– When Dr. Rob Haworth announced his decision to retire from his role as the Vigo County Schools superintendent last week, many wondered what the next steps would be for finding the replacement.

Stacy Killion, the president of the board, began searching for the answers.

“The same questions the community’s having are the same questions we’re having. How does that process look, what can we expect, what kind of timeline [will it be,]” she said.

Killion spoke for the first time on Monday about the steps she’s taken to prepare for the search. The school board announced last week Dr. Tim Balitewicz will serve as the interim superintendent until the search process is finished. 

Her first steps were reaching out to state organizations that could help outline what the process might look like.

“There are processes we can take, and entities or organizations that can help that process,” she said. “[I reached out to] the Indiana School Board Association, as well as there’s a university search team, I believe Indiana State University is involved in that, and we’ve made contact with those, just to have some idea of what that may look like.”

Killion said she’s also had conversations with current board member Jackie Lower, who participated in the previous search for a superintendent in 2018.

“Jackie has been on the board several terms, she provides a lot of insight, a lot of history and just a lot of process and procedure that we do need to follow, so having that guidance and that leadership on the board already I think helps alleviate some anxiety,” she said. 

She also worked to meet with the four incoming board members, who don’t start their terms until January. Killion said she wanted to prepare them so they could officially start the search process as soon as they took office. 

“There are processes happening to meet with the new school board members, to acquaint ourselves, to have them catch up to things that they will need to know so come Jan. 2nd they are ready to go to do the work the corporation needs us to do,” she said.

She said she thought it was best– for the board and for local voters– to start the process once all elected members were on the board. She said that’s when they will begin to work together to decide what they are looking for in a candidate, and how long the process may take. 

“That will come to the new board, to set that process and timeline of what they would like,” she said. “The community elected four new board members and we would like to honor that, and they will be involved in this process moving forward.”

She said she’s excited to work with the board on this process– one she knows is important for the future of the community.

“We know we have a huge task on our hands and we’re ready to face it.”