VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV)– Over $100,000 in improvements could be coming to one Vigo County park in the coming months. 

Vigo County Parks Superintendent Adam Grossman requested $105,000 for upgrades from the county council during their sunshine meeting on Wednesday. County commissioner Chris Switzer said the work will include new playground equipment, removal of trees, and additional lightning, among other things. 

The park made headlines earlier this year when local officials decided to remove the historic dam at the location due to safety concerns and deteriorating condition. Some residents voiced their concerns, and Switzer said he thinks this is a way to show the county’s commitment to the park’s future. 

“We understand the sentimental aspect of removing the dam, and we understand we’ve heard from some people in the north end the county doesn’t spend too much attention in that area, so we want to make sure that we know and they know we are recognizing them and making improvements to that park as they see fit,” he said. 

The county will also look to redo the parking lot, which currently presents a safety concern, according to Vigo County Councilmember Marie Theisz.

“The parking lot as it is right now, people back into the traffic. It’s also a gravel lot, which I think we could do better by, sometimes when it rains and things it gets really bad. By paving it and by having a way people can pull out safely and see the traffic coming in and out,” she said. 

The parks department requested $16,000 to cover the costs for the dam removal as well. Switzer said they plan to have some sort of dedication to the historic mill once it is removed, which should be later this year. 

The county council will vote on the decision at their meeting next week, and Switzer said the improvements would start shortly after if it is approved.

“If the funding comes right now, we can start making some improvements to the park as early as next month,” he said.