VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) – After a recent battle against COVID-19 Vigo County Sheriff John Plasse was able returned to his office this week.

Earlier this month, after learning that he possibly could have been exposed to COVID-19 after going out for dinner Sheriff Plasse says he and his wife took quick action.

“We went into quarantine just thinking if we were exposed to it, we don’t want to spread it to somebody else,” Plasse said.

While in quarantine, Plasse says he started to develop some symptoms associated with the virus.

“I was asleep and felt some severe chest pains, pressure in my chest,” Plasse said.

Plasse says these symptoms plus feeling body aches led him to get tested for COVID-19.

What the sheriff learned was that he indeed did have the virus, causing him to seek further isolation in a camper.

“I lived out in my camper because I didn’t want my daughter and my wife to get infected,” Plasse said.

Although he was physically away from work, he was able to complete some tasks from home. Plasse says he was also confident in the staff of the sheriff’s department during his absence.

“The last thing I want to do is degrade service to this county, our job is to keep our county safe and I didn’t want to neglect our duties and I don’t think we did. I think we didn’t miss a beat, they continued running the office as it would’ve been if I was there,” Plasse said.

After completing quarantine and being told he was no longer contagious, Sheriff Plasse was able to return to work this week.

Following his own personal experience with COVID-19 he also had a message for the community.

“Be smart, don’t take risks, limit your exposure to other people. Again, if you’re around people wear a mask, keep that six foot distance and don’t be up in someone’s face. Follow the guidelines that are out there,” Plasse said.

Plasse says guidelines have been in place to prevent the spread of the virus throughout his department.

He also says to this point no inmate has tested positive for COVID-19.