TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — The housing market is set to expand in Terre Haute.

On Wednesday, the Vigo County Area Planning Commission unanimously passed the proposal of the Towns of Bear Creek. This is going to be a neighborhood of 102 maintenance free town homes at the southwest corner of Fruitridge and Hulman Streets.

The prices of these homes will range from $300-325,000. That would make it a $30,000,000 development and will add much-needed tax revenue to this community.

Josey Daugherty is the assistant city engineer, and he explains why this was a massive need for Terre Haute.

“There have been a lot of studies show that Terre Haute is in dire need of housing. We have a housing shortage, so any kind of housing whether it be R1, R2, R3, is good for the community,” said Daugherty.

These homes will be built by Jon Mutchner Homes. Jon Mutchner Homes have built hundreds of homes in this community over the past 34 years.

The owner, Jon Mutchner, wants to express that he can’t wait to start a project of this magnitude.

“A lot of what we have done has been on the east side of town. I take it very seriously. I build a good home and good product for my customers. I’m really looking forward to the Towns of Bear Creek here at Fruitridge and Hulman,” said Mutchner.

Officials say that additions like this are the driving force for the continued growth of Vigo County, west central Indiana, and Terre Haute.

“I think this is going to be good for the community and good for Terre Haute moving forward,” added Daugherty.

The plan is for these homes to start being built in the spring.