TERRE HAUTE, IND(WTWO/WAWV)– The past two years haven’t been easy for Vigo County Fairgrounds manager Jenny Hamilton.

“When you’ve went through a couple of tough years, and you believe in your job and your facility, it’s tough when it’s out of your control. The weather is out of our control, COVID is out of our control,” she said.

But as the 2022 fair came to a close, Hamilton said she felt happy and relieved after what she called a “great year.”

“I know our numbers were up on the 4-H side, our number in the attendance of the events were up, our food vendors were up, carnival numbers were up so really all across the board we’ve had a great week,” she said.

Hamilton said, while she wasn’t sure of the final numbers, she believes they will have record numbers. After the last two years, she said that was a big relief.

“We were really anxious for this year, we were really ready to get back in action and get people back to the fairgrounds in a big way, I feel like this year we got that accomplished,” Hamilton said.

And as the Vigo county fair comes to an end, others ar starting up in the valley. The Clay and Sullivan county fairs kicked off over the weekend and will run through Saturday, July 23rd. 

Sullivan county fair board president Tim Wilson said the event will be fun for all ages.

“I enjoy coming out here with the kids and watching the kids learn,” he said. “Seeing how hard they work with their animals and all the hard work they’ve done throughout the summer pays off. This is the week they look forward to, just a lot of family interaction out here on the fairgrounds.