VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — Big changes are coming to businesses in Vigo County.

Vigo County has banned the use of electronic nicotine products inside any business or establishment. This was a modification added to the original smoking ordinance that banned cigarettes indoors in 2007.

Shannon Giles, tobacco prevention and cessation coordinator for Tobacco Free Vigo explains the danger of the secondhand aerosol from these products.

“We need to people to be educated and understand that it is not just water vapor. If people choose to vape, that’s fine, but the secondhand aerosol that comes out of these electronic devices has just as many toxic chemicals as cigarette smoke,” said Giles.

Vigo County leaders say they are trying to make the community healthier and have been for years. Vigo County was one of the first counties in the state to pass the original smoking ordinance in 2007.

Now, Vigo County is just the 3rd county to add vaping to the smoking ordinance. Mark Clinkenbeard, Vigo County commissioner, said he supports the decision.

“We were one of the first ones to do the smoking ordinance in the state. We just feel that it is good for our overall health. Vigo County is not the healthiest county out there, so anything that we can do to promote good health is a good thing,” said Clinkenbeard.

The main purpose of this ordinance is to try and lower the overall usage of tobacco products in Vigo County. Giles says updates like this are nothing but steps in the right direction for doing so.

“Understanding and educating about what those dangers are with electric devices is a good first step. Getting them out of indoor spaces is going to help that a lot,” added Giles.

The Tobacco Free Vigo Coalition plans to hold classes next month to help educate local businesses on this change.