CARLISLE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — Two brothers in Carlisle restored a monument that dates back over 100 years.

The restoration of this monument has been months in the making. It took the help of many local officials and helpful citizens in order to get it finished in time for Veterans Day.

Rodney Hale was one of the brothers that helped restore this monument; he says that this monument was important to the whole town.

“There were many people in this area that made it possible to restore this,” Hale said. “This statue was actually chained to a woman’s tree down the road for over thirty years because she wanted to preserve it. The number of things that had to go right while restoring this monument is unbelievable.”

The original monument stood to honor soldiers from Carlisle who fought and died in World War One. This new monument not only represents that, but also all of the past, present, and future soldiers of the United States.

The new monument contains a statue that was restored from the original monument. That statue went through multiple restorations, along with being sandblasted in order for it to be displayed.

Hale adds that this monument gives people the opportunity to thank everyone who has served.

“I think everyone should respect a veteran for the service they have given or are giving today and will give in the future, for everyone’s safety,” added Hale.

One of the connections behind the monument? Hale’s grandpa was on the original World War One monument; a full circle moment for the proud grandson.