VERMILLION COUNTY, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) – The Vermillion Trails Alliance is adding ‘Storybook Trails’ to various trails in the county.

This is in an effort to promote health, wellness and literacy in the area.

As you walk on certain trails in the county, you’ll see handmade frames with story boards on them. The story boards will progressively tell the story as you make your walk.

Vermillion Trails Alliance Board Member Becky Holbert said that this will be an asset for the county. Hillsdale, Trailhead and Cayuga Park currently have visible Storybooks. Holbert said that they plan to put Storybooks in Perrysville Park next.

Vermillion County Boy Scout Ethan Sears was one of the leaders in bringing this project to life. Sears just needs two more merit badges before he can become an Eagle Scout. On the road to being an Eagle Scout, Sears teamed up with the Vermillion Trails Alliance to bring the Storybooks to life.

“We cut out all this lumber and the pieces to where all we had to do was take that wood to the build site,” Sears said.

Sears assured that he was not alone in the work. He said that part of Eagle Scout level projects is to bring the community together.

“An Eagle Scout project isn’t about me doing all the work,” Sears explained. “I don’t do something big for the community, I bring the community in and make them do something big for themselves.”

Holbert also emphasized the team effort shown in this project. She personally thanked Jeremy Crane for the cedar work. She also credits the Vermillion County Park Board, Cayuga Park Board, Vermillion County 4-H and Mini 4-Hers.

Sears stated that he’s still processing the impact that this project could have in the county.

“I don’t really know the impact but people keep telling me that this is something that’s great for the community and they love seeing that out there,” Sears said.

Storybooks will be installed at Perrysville Park on August 1st at 9:00 a.m.