TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO-WAWV) — A couple of significant developments at Monday’s Vigo County School Board meeting.

First, the board approved a couple of projects which will address much needed repairs and improvements at several schools. Secondly, officials confirmed that a new superintendent could be announced soon.

VCSC Board President Amy lore is optimistic that a new superintendent could soon be announced.
Over the weekend the corporation stated that an offer has been made to a candidate. Lore is hopeful that an agreement with that candidate will be reached.

“We’re very excited. We have reached the end of our process, we have a candidate. And we are just in the last phases on contract negation. I wish with all my heart that I could tell you everything, but legally I’m not ready for that yet,” said Lore

A good portion of the meeting was devoted to projects related to the general obligation bonds of 2023. The first project involves new HVAC systems and plumbing upgrades for North and South high schools and West Vigo Middle. The bond for this project is a little over 6 million dollars, it will be added to 18 million in federal government ESSER funds.

The second project involves another 6 million dollar bond for roofing and general maintainance in the corporation.

Both projects were approved and according to COO Dr. John Newport the funding does not add any extra burden to taxpayers and the projects that are much needed.

“It’s very imperative. So, it’s part of our living maintenance plan, where we are constantly evaluating the needs of our facilities and what we prioritize those needs,” said Newport.

Also, tonight a group which calls itself the Terre Haute 10, talked about their ongoing concerns about racism allegations in the corporation. The group spokesperson said, they look forward to working with the board and the new superintendent.

The fallout comes after racist incidents at West Vigo high school, and the dismissal of 10 members from a diversity committee.