TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) – Update: VCSC Superintendent Rob Haworth said Friday that the results of the investigation into allegations of racial harassment at West Vigo High School have been received by the organization.

As the first step following the results of the investigation, VCSC will be employing an independent expulsion hearing officer as discipline begins to be administered.

On Thursday, December 8, 2022, the Vigo County School Corporation received the findings of a comprehensive investigation involving accusations of racial harassment. As a first step following the findings of an investigation conducted by West Vigo High School and the investigation conducted by outside investigators, the VCSC will employ an independent expulsion hearing officer as it begins to administer discipline in the upcoming weeks.

VCSC Superintendent Rob Haworth

Original: A letter from Vigo County School Corporation Superintendent Rob Haworth was sent out to school corporation families Monday evening.

It addressed recent allegations of racial harassment concerning student behavior at West Vigo High School. The letter states that in early November, Vigo County Schools was made aware of a student transferring from West Vigo due to claims of racial harassment.

Upon learning of the allegations, they launched an internal investigation. Another student also came forward and notified the district they wanted to transfer out of West Vigo High School due to claims of racial harassment. After this, the school corporation brought in outside investigators to conduct a comprehensive, school-wide investigation into the multiple claims.

The letter says the investigation has progressed over the past two weeks with more than 30 students, teachers, coaches and faculty interviewed. Investigators are expected to conclude their activity in the coming days.

The Vigo County School Corporation strongly condemns any racial harassment, bullying or discrimination and has multiple policies in place that prohibit this behavior.”

-VCSC Superintendent Rob Haworth

Once the investigation is completed, a reporter will be filed to Haworth and the school board, who will determine how to move forward.

WTWO reached out to the NAACP chapter in Terre Haute, who said they were aware of the allegations but they would not comment on an ongoing investigation.