TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) – The transition into the warmer months marks the beginning of construction season.

There are some major road construction projects that are slated to take place this year.

In Vigo County, Springhill Drive will be expanded to three lanes between 7th Street and Erie Canal Road. This road was targeted specifically because rear-end collisions happen frequently in the area.

The Indiana Department of Transportation is set to start on a $12 million construction project on State Road 63 in Vermillion County near Clinton. This will close a portion of Hazel Bluff Road and the project is expected to be complete by early July.

Many members of the community said that they are welcoming of the upcoming construction season. Vigo County resident Abigail Wilson said that making roads safe should be the top priority.

“As long as it fixes our roads and makes it safer for us to travel,” Wilson said. “Then it’s not something I’m too concerned about it.”

For Vigo County resident William Drappo, he said that he’ll be fine having to take long detours because construction. He said that having safe roads is worth the inconvenience from construction.

“It’s one of those things where you have to upkeep them or it just snowballs out of control,” Drappo said. “I’d rather have a little bit of a slow down for construction than break my car trying to go to work.”

Vigo County resident Ash Cassidy said that he’s on the road often and it’s a hassle to avoid potholes. Cassidy said that just last week he believed that he blew a tire because of a pothole. However, he’s looking forward to seeing the work that will be done by construction crews in the coming months.

“If we’re not doing any work to them and we’re not making necessary changes,” Cassidy explained. “Then it looks like the community as a whole doesn’t really care.”