Two local women join movement to make homemade masks

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TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — Jasmine Moore is no stranger to a sewing kit.

“I do own a handmade business where I quilt and such kind of on the side,” Moore said.

Moore said she was planning to use the extra time she has at home during the COVID-19 stay-at-home order working on that business.

That plan changed when she began getting tagged in posts about the need for masks for healthcare workers and members of the public following a CDC recommendation to prevent spread of the coronavirus.

“I was thinking to myself, you know, during this time I have all this extra time, sort of,” Moore said, laughing. “(Time) to do all of my personal projects, my quilts and other little things I wanted to get done with sewing, and it just kind of shifted once I started to see that need.”

Morgan Gann also saw a need coming from within her own family.

“My sister and my cousin are at a hospital where they’re completely out of masks, so I gave them some because it would just help them, and it inspired me to make more,” Gann said.

Gann’s homemade masks are made with plenty of detail in order to provide the best aid to those who use them, including other members of her family who work in healthcare and can use them to cover their surgical or N-95 masks.

“We use two fabrics because if you use the same fabric then you won’t know which side has been closer to your face,” Gann said, “So you use two fabrics so you know which side you put on your face and then stitch them twice so they can be washed multiple times and so they don’t fall apart.”

Moore said she found her mask template through a group called Sew and Serve Indy, a branch of Sew and Serve, a sewing community aiming to supply people with masks during the pandemic.

Moore said Sew and Serve’s mask pattern came from Deaconess Hospital in Evansville.

Moore said she has not made hundreds of masks, nearly 500 over a two-week period. She has then delivered or shipped them near and far.

“I’ve dropped some off at Cloverleaf Healthcare in Brazil, Putnam County Hospital; but I’ve also shipped some larger requests out to Kentucky or Tampa,” Moore said.

Moore said this show of support for those in need comes naturally to her, but she is happy to see this movement stemming from a skill like sewing that not everyone has these days.

“It’s really just so crazy to think, again…that I had these materials at home, and how I could’ve done nothing and just focused in on my own day-to-day or just jump in and really help.”

Moore reiterated the fact that the homemade masks she’s making work best for those in the general public or as covers for surgical masks. Covering N-95 masks with cloth masks can provide an extra layer of protection from germs and help those heavy-duty masks be used longer.

Gann said although this all began as a way to help family members, it has taught her that something as little as a mask can really make a big difference, especially in the middle of this global hour of need.

You can request a mask for your medical facility from Sew and Serve by visiting this webpage.

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