TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV)– It’s been less than a year since the Truck Stop debuted in the 12 Points neighborhood, but for local resident Mike Pringle, it’s been one of his favorite spots. 

“People love it,” he said. “I live here, I love eating here, I’ll come for lunch when I’m working, and it’s just a great thing for our community.”

The food truck lot is gearing up for its first full summer in operation. It will be open Thursday through Saturday, with lunch events happening the first Sunday of every month. Haley Johnson, who works at Pudge’s Mobile BBQ, said it has quickly become a popular place for community members to go with the variety it brings. 

“It brings the community together to have a good time and to eat,” she said.

Tracy Overstreet, who also works at Pudge’s, said she has enjoyed working with other food trucks throughout the past few months, said she has heard others interested in starting a food truck, and hopes to see the service expand. 

“My hope is that we do so well that she opens another one on the south end of town because we’re going to have a lot more food trucks coming out. We have people coming up to us all the time, asking about how to start a food truck, so that’s my hopes,” she said. 

Pringle said he was excited to see how much the space has evolved in a short amount of time. 

“This space, where we are standing right now, used to be a condemned building,” he said. “And there was nothing to do until the Truck Stop came along and said, ‘let’s make this a great space for the community.’ and they did.”

A schedule for the Truck Stop and which trucks will be available in coming weeks can be found on their website.