TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — A local organization is aiming to repair some of the damage done to Terre Haute’s tree canopy during the summer severe weather.

TREES Inc. said their storm response action plan includes plans to plant at least 1,000 trees by the June 29, 2024 anniversary of the storm. The organization added that they would be presenting the city of Terre Haute with a $10,000 grant to allow for the city to plant 100 trees this fall season.

“To see so many of our large, old trees lost to that storm, we knew that we had to find a way to begin to replace that for future generations so that they can enjoy what we’ve all enjoyed for so many years,” said Ann Ryan, President of TREES Inc.

TREES Inc. is also announcing that a location near Spencer F. Ball Park on 8th Avenue will be getting more than 100 new street trees as this year’s location for the annual Fall Free Planting effort. That will take place on Saturday, November 4 as more than 100 volunteers are expected to participate in planting trees.

“This is a big goal for a small, all-volunteer organization but stepping up to care for our trees is what this group has done for more than 30 years,” Ryan said.

In addition to the above-mentioned efforts, the organization’s storm response plan includes;

  • A second $10,000 grant to the City of Terre Haute in Spring ‘24 for an additional 100 trees to be planted by the city’s urban forester
  • The planting of 100 street trees by TREES Inc. volunteers (Spring ’24)
  • The planting of 75 trees in Collett Park (December ‘23)
  • The planting of 40+ trees as part of TREES Inc.’s Commemorative and Memorial tree program (December ‘23)
  • The introduction of a rebate program to encourage residents to plant trees in city tree rows with a goal of 50 trees planted
  • The distribution of 500+ free sapling trees to community members at local events during Spring 2024
  • Educational efforts on tree planting including where to plant trees to avoid utility lines
  • The planting of additional trees as funding permits

Those looking for more information, or to donate or get involved can visit the TREES Inc. website online here.