SULLIVAN, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) – As the clean-up efforts continue in Sullivan, many people are finding items they were almost certain, were long gone.

713 Ohio Street in Sullivan used to hold Studio 3:4 and Cross Your Heart Kids Club Academy. Now, the building is back to its original cement foundation following last week’s deadly EF-3 tornado.

Tyra Pirtle is the owner of Studio 3:4 and she said she was on vacation when the storm hit. She explained she didn’t know the extent of the damage until Saturday.

“It’s hard to believe. We’re kind of in a whirlwind of emotions. We’re thankful no kids were here. When it struck, I would have been having my evening classes so my students would have been here dancing when it came so I’m just thankful no one was here,” Pirtle said.

When she returned Saturday, she learned all that was left, was the cement she was standing on.

“I don’t have a single mat left for tumbling, they’re all gone so I’ll have to re-purchase all of those. Marley flooring, mirrors, my dance shoe inventory is gone,” Pirtle said.

Right next door, on the same foundation, her mom Jodee Minks and Debbie Loudermilk owned the Kids Club.

Two birds, Pete and Noah, became a big part of the family while in that building.

They were certain that Pete and Noah didn’t survive the storm.

Noah was found quickly after someone found him and his cage near the Kids Club and posted a photo on Facebook.

Pete on the other hand, wasn’t turning up anywhere.

“We were just digging through rubble here on Sunday and me and another guy that was helping, we were bent down trying to pull boards out and he said ‘there’s a bird’ and I said ‘what?’ And when I said that, Pete knew my voice and he came right out from underneath the rubble and came right to me and Jodee and I just lost it,” Loudermilk said.

Minks and Loudermilk both said finding the birds gave them hope that they will recover and rebuild.

It gave Pirtle the same hope, Pirtle said she knows that she and her family, and even the birds, will be back serving the kids in their community once again.

Eventually, Studio 3:4 and the Kids Club will need to replace almost everything they had, and the owners said they will come up with a list of things people can donate when they’re ready.

To find other ways to donate and help, you can visit the Kids Club or Studio 3:4’s Facebook page.