U.S. Senator Todd Young visited Fairbanks Park in Terre Haute, for the annual Vigo County Pachyderm Picnic.

This event gave local residents the opportunity to eat lunch and speak with local, state, and national leaders.

Senator Todd Young was the keynote speaker and addressed various pressing topics.

He said many conversations he has had with Hoosiers have involved the increase in costs for everyday items.

When asked about inflation this is what the senator had to say.

“The democrats and congress passed a $1.8 trillion bill that put way too much cash into the economy creating our inflationary environment,” Young said. “The price of gas as so many working families know has gone through the roof because this administration refuses to allow the exploit of our own oil and gas resources. The war on energy has to stop, we need saner fiscal policies.”

Young also spoke about investments in national security technology and said new legislation approved this past week by congress, will provide more jobs as many of the technologies can be made here in Indiana.

We also spoke with young on his thoughts about the new tax revenue deal between Senator Joe Manchin and Senator Chuck Schumer.

“They have revived a left-winged partisan initiative that’s going to substantially increase spending and increase taxes on Hoosiers,” Young said. “Should this become law in the coming weeks, I will be fighting against it. This seems like the worst thing you want to do during an economy that is increasingly precarious.”