TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV)– The Terre Haute South Spell Bowl team continued a “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” tradition– one that’s lasted over 20 years. 

The team went a perfect 90-for-90 to win the secure the Class 1 State Championship. Christine Liu, a senior who’s competed on the team each of the past four years, said the win was made possible by their diligent practice schedule. 

“I think it’s really just a lot, and a lot and a lot,of practice,” she said. “On average, like three times a week we meet and we do a lot of words. We just go through the entire list, and I think it’s that thoroughness and that repetitiveness that we go through through the words with that helps us do well.”

The practice continued on Tuesday, as the team gears up for the Grand Championship later this week. Liu, who’s competed in spelling competitions since fourth grade, said it’s been a great experience for her as she’s grown up. Her favorite parts have been bonding with other team members through the crazy words they’ve had to learn.

“We get to learn a lot of new words. Even though they might not be incorporated into our vocabulary,” she said. “I’ll probably never use it again but it’s fun to just make fun of them.”

The grand championships will take place Saturday, Nov. 11 at Purdue. It is the 21st straight year the Terre Haute South team has competed for a state title. The other nine members of the team are listed here:

  • Arjun Bhatia
  • Anthony Chapman
  • Chris Chow
  • Emma Evidente
  • Anika Gera
  • Jessica Kallubhavi
  • Kathleen Li
  • Jordan Tolbert
  • Crystal Wang