TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) –  Thrive West Central is spearheading an inventive, multi-faceted, and renewable approach to housing with its “Homes for the Future” program.

This program recently completed its first round with seven projects submitted. Thrive is pleased to announce that $952,500 has been awarded to various corporations throughout the area. This funding will help companies bridge the gap between increased infrastructure costs.

The awarded funds will be used to develop 130 new housing units in the region by October 1, 2025. 

Southard Homes LLC was awarded $97,500 for the Southard Homes City of Terre Haute project to develop 15 modern, age-friendly, single-family homes. They were also awarded $120,000 for the Terre Vista project to develop ten larger, single-family homes. In addition, they were awarded $245,000 for the Southard Acres West project to build 17 single-family homes with detached garages. 

Emmert Group Properties was awarded $245,000 to develop 48 age-friendly apartments in Brazil. 

New Directions Housing Corporation was awarded $245,000 to bring 40 age-friendly apartments to the city of Terre Haute.

Ryan Keller, Executive Director for Thrive West Central says, “Homes for the Future is the catalyst for an exciting new era of home development in our region. Each of these projects captures a much-needed segment of the market, and we envision a future where sustainable, age-friendly homes are the norm – providing an environment where our communities can thrive for decades to come.” 

Thrive will be opening the next round of the READI Homes for the Future funding on Friday, September 1, 2023. They encourage all builders and developers to apply. Any businesses needing technical assistance on applications should reach out to Thrive West Central. 

To apply or learn more about this ground-breaking initiative, visit Thrive West Central online.