TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — Detective Greg Ferency was immortalized for his acts of bravery and service to Terre Haute on Sunday.

The Terre Haute Police Department unveiled a statue of Ferency outside of their headquarters. Ever since his passing, the Terre Haute community has worked to try and get a memorial in place for all of those that have passed in the line of duty.

Shawn Keen is the chief of the THPD, and he expresses how he wants this to be the last addition to this memorial.

“Today was the final piece with the statue of Greg. It kind of brings our memorial together, and again I hope we never have to have another name added to it.”

The Wabash Valley Jeep Junkies have held a memorial ride ever since Ferency’s passing. This has been raising money to help them finalize the memorial.

Mike Latta is the president of the Jeep Junkies, and he says that things like this are the groups top priority.

“We like to get out, have fun, and get together for fellowship but when we can do something like this and raise money for an organization like this, it makes it all worth it.”

This memorial was paid for 100% by donations and fundraisers. Things like that show off how much support these officers have from the community.

Chief Keen says that is something that you can’t put a price tag on.

“It’s great. To see hundreds of people out here for this is a good feeling. Definitely for the officers that took part in this today, they see that, and I think it’s important that they see that the community supports them. We are so grateful for the community that we have,” he said.

The Wabash Valley Jeep Junkies will have a ride on September 30th that will be for the Indiana Donor Network.