TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — The Terre Haute Police Department responded to a call at Fairbanks Park after an individual was found wading in the Wabash on Friday morning.

According to Vigo County Dispatch, local law enforcement agencies responded to the scene in the 9:00 hour on Friday and attempted to make contact with the person in the river.

“We had officers responding to the park, numerous people were calling in about somebody that was yelling and screaming, disrupting the park. Fairbankspark is pretty busy at this time of day. As officers arrived on scene, the individual had taken off most of his clothes besides his shorts and had jumped into the river. Obviously, the river is very low right now, he pretty much swam and walked across the river,” said Terre Haute Police Department Public Information Officer Justin Sears.

Dispatch noted that the individual made attempts to actively avoid contact with law enforcement, but that there was no danger to the community.

“The whole time he was demonstrating some signs that he needed assistance, most likely medical assistance in the river. So with the multi-dept response, we had the Terre Haute Fire Department, and West Terre Haute Police Department, being that the river is in the middle of the jurisdiction they were on the other side as well. He went back and forth a couple of times, he was refusing commands and wasn’t really making a lot of sense,” Sears said.

“So at some point, West Terre Haute was able to utilize a boat and put officers on it and they were able to go down to the river where the subject tried to run again into the woods where the subject tried to conceal himself in the trees and they were able to take him into custody without incident. No injuries or anything like that,” Sears added.

As the individual was near West Terre Haute, the West Terre Haute Police Department detained the individual and transported them to Union Hospital.

“Perfect outcome of what happened, nobody’s hurt, we’re gonna get him assistance, he’s not under arrest, and everybody here at the park can go back to normal business,” Sears said.

After the incident, Sears reminded the community to not go into the Wabash as it’s dangerous.

“It’s dangerous to go into the river Even though it’s low right now we strongly stress you stay out of the river. There’s still currents and deep pockets in there and abandoned vehicles that have been in there for years,” Sears said.