TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — A Terre Haute Police Department Supervisor is under investigation following comments made on social media reportedly aimed at other local law enforcement agencies.

THPD Chief Shawn Keen revealed the situation in response to questions regarding a letter he sent apologizing for the remarks to other agencies in the area. While the officer responsible for the posts has not been named, Keen confirmed that they are a “supervisor with our agency”.

In the letter, Keen characterizes the posts as insulting and derogatory. He said the comments disparaged local agencies for utilizing THPD’s Special Response Team, and implied contention between the agencies and THPD, among other things.

“I find these comments undeserved. They clearly impair the working relationships of this department and are contrary to an environment of cooperation necessary to fulfill our law enforcement mission in this county,” Chief Keen wrote. “For me not to address these comments, sends the erroneous message that the Terre Haute Police Department condones such messaging.”

Keen said the investigation into any possible department policy violations must follow the due process procedures set forth in law and contract, and added that the investigation is currently underway.