TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — As Clinton, Ind. began preparations for the holiday season, some of the city’s decorations were vandalized over the weekend.

What is usually the most wonderful time of the year, has turned to destruction in Clinton, Ind. A playground next to the Wabash River was targeted by vandals, the same area in which an upcoming Christmas parade is scheduled to end.

This is not the kind of news that Clinton Mayor Jack Gilfoy expected.

“Over the weekend, we had a lot of vandalism here,” Mayor Gilfoy said. “Somebody come in and tore everything up, kicked things over, ripped things off. Threw them over the hillside here and its very disappointing to see this happen. It’s a small community and we try and work together.”

In an effort to find who is responsible, the mayor will be speaking with the city attorney.

“These people working hard to make something here for the kids to enjoy and disheartening to see,” Mayor Gilfoy said. “I did, I am going to talk to the city attorney and see if its alright. We will offer a 500 dollar award for the arrest and conviction of the people who did this.”

The Clinton Police Department Chief does have a few leads as it begins an investigation.

“I’ve got a couple we’re looking into,” Chief Billy MacLaren said. “Due to the fact of some instances that took place over the weekend so we’re going to kind of go back from them and see if we can get some more information.”

With the Christmas parade only a few days away, the police department plans to take extra measures to prevent further acts.

“We’re going to do some extra patrols and kind of get more officers in the day, night time to see if we can deter the kids from getting it tore up and stuff,” Chief MacLaren said.

Mayor Gilfoy said the parade is still on schedule and they won’t let vandalism stop it. Santa as well as Mrs. Claus and other vendors will all be handing out candy.