FARMERSBURG, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — “This exemplifies probably in my opinion the best of what fire and EMS is. Two separate groups coming together, working together to save a life,” EMS Coordinator for Terre Haute Regional Hospital, Brian Ketterer said.

Terre Haute Regional Hospital and the State of Indiana presented awards to several individuals at a local fire department.

The Thunderbird Fire Station in Farmersburg, recognized firefighters and first responders for their hard work and dedication to saving lives. Assistant Chief Shott presented the “Devine Award” to those individuals who had assisted on a recent call.

Raymond Chilton had collapsed and went into cardiac arrest. Firefighters and First Responders were able to take over the scene and revive Chilton.

Assistant Chief Tim Shott said the intervention makes a difference.

“The outcome was amazing because the patient was able to walk away from the hospital in the end, under his own power and is home living well. Living his life,” Shott said.

Those recognized Monday evening are listed below.

  • Chase Cummings- Sullivan County Ambulance
  • Brandon Wolfe- Sullivan County Ambulance
  • Albert James White- Pelham Training Medic Student Sullivan County Ambulance
  • Chris Fry- Thunderbird Fire Rescue  
  • Shawn Akers- Thunderbird Fire Rescue
  • Alex Norris- Thunderbird Fire Rescue
  • Letha Akers- Thunderbird Fire Rescue
  • Skylar Heidelberg- Thunderbird Fire Rescue
  • Grant Jacobs- Thunderbird Fire Rescue
  • Jackson Shott- Thunderbird Fire and Rescue