TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — Veterans Day celebrations were held across the Wabash Valley Wednesday, though the events looked a lot different this year amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The Terre Haute Veterans of Foreign Wars went forward with its annual Armistice Day celebration without the normal parade. Last year, the VFW saw its largest parade to date. And while veterans expressed disappointment in the canceled parade, they also said they were thankful the celebration was held.

“We’ll always be connected one way or another to our comrades,” Mike Panaranto, a veteran, said. “So, at least one day a year we should get together and celebrate the fact.”

Members of Terre Haute’s VFW said they are planning to bring back the Veterans Day Parade in 2021.

In Clay County, American Legion and the VFW continued a long standing tradition. The Jackson Township Community Band has performed at the courthouse in Brazil every year since 1918.

“I just think it’s good we are able to get some veterans out and let them be honored today for their day,” Randy Kaelber, the Clay County service officer, said.