SULLIVAN COUNTY, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — On Good Friday, multiple volunteers came together to organize and make Easter baskets for the children in the area that were impacted by the deadly tornado.

Several people gathered at First United Methodist Church in Sullivan to help. A large number of donated toys, activity books, candy, and stuffed animals were made for several baskets that could be passed out to children in Sullivan. 

The idea for the Easter baskets came from a young Terre Haute citizen, Jacob Harris, who shared how he came up with the idea. 

“The people seemed so sad, so we needed to show them love and care very much. It makes me feel great,” Harris said. 

Many other officials in the community offered their help as well. 

Mayor Clint Lamb was very involved with the project and thanked the community members. 

“The message that has been going on throughout the entire week is a sense of gratitude. It really has. It’s just the thankfulness and the outpouring of support,” Lamb said. 

Rev. Lance Newton lead pastor at Sullivan First United Methodist Church also shared his message of thanks to the people of Sullivan who made the event possible. 

“Jacob had a fantastic Idea and mobilized so many people. Just a crowd of people came out. So just keep being yourselves. This is a strong community, I’ve had the opportunity to be a transplant here for about 4 years. They’re good neighbors. We have fantastic leaders, we just have such a great community here and it’s a special place to be,” Newton said.