TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WAWV/WTWO) – While the Terre Haute Humane Society is on the search for animal fosters year round, the need has increased as the weather has gotten warmer.

Volunteer Coordinator Maggie Wheeler said the need comes as ‘kitten season’ has arrived.

“We are in a midst of what we call kitten season,” Wheeler said. “It’s the spring and summer months where the majority of kittens litters are born.”

Wheeler said animal foster homes has led to many successful adoptions.

“It’s great to get litters out at a young age so they are socialized early on,” Wheeler said. “That makes it really easy for them to get adopted.”

Executive Director Charles Brown said the shelter’s intake has increased almost 100% during kitten season.

“On a given month we get 100 animals in and during kitten season we’re closer to 200 animals a month,” Brown said.

The shelter has an average of about 25 animal fosters per month, however, Brown hopes to see that number double.

“These next couple months we’d like to see that number increase to 50 or 60 fosters,” Brown said.

Brown said the shelter can set up foster plans based on your individualized lifestyle.

“We try to tailor based on interests and time commitment,” Brown said.

To learn more information on how you can become a foster you can visit their website.