TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — They became a popular tree for landscaping, but officials are warning that ornamental pear trees are an invasive species to our area.

The state of Indiana’s Cooperative Invasives Management is sounding the alarm about Ornamental Pear or Callery Pear trees. They are in full bloom and are easy to spot as they are known for having beautiful white flowers.

But officials say this plant causes harm to the native environment.

“As it’s taking up that space, its also taking up all the nutrients and not allowing other native trees and shrubs and our wildflowers to have that space,” said the Regional Specialist for the state of Indiana Cooperative Invasives Management Amber Slaughterbeck. which the native species are actually providing for our wildlife and in turn providing for us.”

She says now is a great time to remove Callery pear trees.

“Because this tree is in full bloom and starting to put on bright green leaves, it is a really good time to identify and remove it. There’s never a bad day to cut down a Callery pear, and today is a really great day to cut down a Callery pear,” said Slaughterbeck.

Slaughterbeck adds that when you cut down an ornamental pear tree, treat the stump with herbicide.