TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — North Terre Haute resident, Jeff Fisher, met his brothers on Thursday, March 30th at McCormick’s Creek State Park for a weekend camping trip, they were joined by their wives.

Their crew had three camp sites together. Fisher says they had a beautiful day on Friday. Friday evening, they questioned where the rain was that had been forecasted for the area.

Fisher said, around 9:30 or 10:00 PM his wife headed into the camper for bed. He stayed up visiting with family around the campfire for a little while longer.

Around 11:00 PM Fisher said the weather alert sirens went off in the campground. He planned to ride out the storm in his camper. His brother banged on his door and told him he thought they needed to head out, Fisher’s wife agreed.

As they were exiting the camp, Fisher pointed out a couple to his wife who appeared to be staying at the campground.

The couples headed to the Canyon Inn, but it was full. So, they rode out the storm in their pickup truck in the inn’s parking lot.

Fisher said they could hear trees breaking amid the hail, but his vehicle wasn’t shaking. He thinks where they were parked must’ve been just outside of the path of the storm.

Due to the destruction, they were not allowed back into the campground to their campsites that night.

“They said that about 75% of the campers down there are destroyed,” Fisher said.

They made the drive back to Terre Haute and returned the next morning.

“Both my brother’s campers were in sites next to mine,” Fisher said. “They were flipped over, wrapped around trees. There was a camper next to me across the road that was totally demolished. It’s gone. And the one across the street was a little tear drop camper, a small camper, and it was upside down about 75 yards into the woods. And then another one over here was a large camper and it was gone,” he added.

Fisher said, miraculously, his camper suffered only minor damage.

“First tornado I’ve ever been through and luckily, we got out,” Fisher said.

Then Fisher recalled the couple he pointed out to his wife the previous day as they were moving out of the campground, to the inn.

“Sadly, the camp that I told my wife that ‘hey look they’re not leaving,’ unfortunately that was the Kincaids, that were killed.”

Fisher said his heart goes out to the Kincaid Family and everyone who has suffered during this time of severe weather.