Terre Haute, Ind. (WAWV/WTWO) — The Terre Haute Humane Society (THHS) plans to build a new, low-cost vet clinic in Terre Haute.

There is a void in low cost spay and neutering as well as vaccinations throughout the Valley. The THHS hopes to fill that need to provide a service and keep more pets home and healthy.

The THHS Board of Directors President Ray Buechler said, “what we’re going to be bringing to the table is not just a low-cost spay, neuter clinic, but a low-cost veterinarian clinic. So, we’ll be offering a full range of veterinary services at a low cost.”

THHS Executive DirectorCharles Brown added, “this is definitely a very defining moment for the THHS. And I like to think a very defining moment for the animal community in general.”

On average, the THHS says it brings in around two thousand animals per year. Approximately 130 animals each month. Many of those animals are surrendered due to rising costs of pet food, supplies, as well as vet care.

“We are seeing more and more issues around the barriered care, that folks simply cannot afford to maintain their pets. Simple procedures can get out of hand very quickly for folks, certainly in the economy, there is a lot of financial pressures on families,” Brown added.

Officials say the low-cost pet clinic will positively impact the animals behind the cages at the THHS and pet owners who struggle to find or afford vet care.

“I think it will have a huge impact on a lot of neglect situations that we see. Some of the neglect situations that you know, darken our door, are a result of folks not being able to find the affordable care for their pet, Brown said.”

With such a large need at stake, The THHS hopes to open the clinic by the end of the year.

Both city and county leaders positively support project. Buechler said they should know more about the city and county’s roles in the project in the coming weeks.

Buechler is confident they will have the funds they need to build the clinic. A fundraising component has been set up for the project. If you would like to donate, just visit, the THHS donation site.