TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — School is back in session and a local organization is excited to welcome children back to its annual after-school program.

The Terre Haute Boys and Girls Club will start its after-school program in September.

Membership costs $30 per student but runs for the whole school year. Unit Director Ashton Stevenson said that it offers fun programs, homework help, a snack and dinner, and gives children a place to be for four hours after school ends each day.

“I know a lot of parents work. Some of their hours are a little bit later so we try to stay open a little bit later so that way the kids can be somewhere where they feel safe and we can help them continue their education even after school,” said Stevenson.

The club is also registering children for its basketball program. For more information about that and the after-school program visit the club’s website here.