TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — We now know the names involved in Terre Haute Mayor Elect Brandon Sakbun’s transitional team.

Sakbun provided the information via a news release, in it, he states that the team is made up entirely of volunteers, and while he appreciates their efforts, he will continue to listen to other voices in the community as he works toward assuming the role of mayor.

  • Executive Director Mayor Elect Brandon Sakbun
  • Co-Chairs Brendan Kearns and Karrum Nasser
  • Former Sullivan Mayor Clint Lamb
  • Attorney Michael Wright
  • Public Defender Gretchen Etling
  • President and Founder of GoTime Coaching Lori Danielson
  • Founder and Executive Director of Project Never Broken Shelley Klingerman
  • Senior Attorney First Financial Norman Forrest Lowery

“This all-volunteer transition team serves to shape a government that is both efficient and reflective of the needs and diversity of our community,” Sakbun said. “The members of this team come from a wide range of different backgrounds and accomplishments. I will take advice and counsel from this team as well as a host of other community members. My end state is to have an open and transparent transition to a new chapter for Terre Haute.”

Sakbun also added that Mayor Duke Bennett has been helpful in the transition process so far.

“Mayor Bennett continues to be a valued partner in this transition. His administration has been responsive and proactive in ensuring a seamless transition occurs,” Sakbun said.

Sakbun also announced the organization of a political advisory committee who will assist in navigating relationships with both state and federal governmental entities.

  • Former Speaker of the Indiana House John Gregg
  • Former Sullivan Mayor Clint Lamb
  • Former Terre Haute Mayor Judy Anderson
  • Former State Senator Jon Ford
  • Mayor Elect Brandon Sakbun

“These individuals bring a wealth of knowledge in the legislative process and will help Terre Haute gain momentum moving into the next legislative session,” Sakbun said. “I look forward to working with these individuals as they represent both of our political parties and different branches of government.”

Sakbun also announced that he will be creating a transition website where residents and current city and department heads can apply for employment, boards, and commissions.